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What Is Fumigation

Fumigation is a method of pest control and this services provides in lahore , Islambad and Rawalpindi .In most cases, once a insects infestation has been found, proper control measures are best accomplished by a professional firm rather than a do-it-yourself treatment. Availability of pesticides and equipment needed to perform the job effectively. Deal only with professionals having an established place of business and a good reputation. In a typical insects colony, the king and the queen are the only active reproductive, they perform no other function. They are fed by the other insects and some have lived up to 25 years. A mature queen can lay thousand of eggs each year.

With regard to pest control, we highly recommend that all entry and exit points as shown to be sealed where possible such that pests are barred from accessing the buildings. All unwanted or used up staff that is packed behind pantries, wardrobes and cupboards to be disposed off such that they are not used as breeding grounds for rodents and roaches.

At AMMS, we continually educate and train our service technicians in the use of the most advanced products and pest management
techniques. This training and experience assures you of receiving the highest-quality service. Contractual Domestic Pest and Termite
control services for residential bungalow/Apartments. (Household Preservations) Gaseous and Spray system pest control treatment at
competitive price for Offices, warehouses, Godowns, Stores,
Record Rooms, Factories, Hotels, Restaurant and all other public and private organizations. Pre-foundation and
Post-construction soil treatment against Termite. (Anti-Termites Soil and Wood Preservation) 100% effectiveness guarantee.

For CONTROLLING and killing all types of Crawling and Flying Garden pests harmful for you; your beautiful plantation and lush green lawn.